Choose the Best CRM Software for Your Organization

CRM SoftwareBy Kenneth Sims

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations are faced with the day-to-day realization that they must be “razor” focused on turning leads into customers and then keeping them happy and loyal over the lifetime of the business relationship. When it comes to turning leads into customers, there are five actions needed to make that happen: Sales and Marketing Process Alignment; Lead Definition; Defined lead qualification and lead conversion strategy; Defined processes to track, manage, and measure your lead and opportunity flow. Once a lead is turned into a customer, it is critical that the relationship is continually nurtured.

So, what are the key ingredients to finding customers and keeping them happy: [Read more…]

Five Reasons to Move to Cloud Computing

cloud computingCloud computing is popular among businesses with good reason.

Putting your business’s IT in the cloud eliminates the costs and complexity of purchasing, configuring, and managing hardware and software. Cloud providers create and use applications that offer safe storage of your company’s critical data in secure data centers maintained by IT professionals.

These applications are available over the Internet, so that all you and your employees need is a workstation or mobile device, an Internet connection and passwords to access data. Everything else is configured and maintained by the host provider, saving your enterprise time and money.

Here are five ways your organization can benefit by migrating to the cloud: [Read more…]

Salaad Nur joins LBMC Technologies’ Intacct Practice

LBMC Technologies, LLC, the Southeast’s leading full-service technology consulting firm, is pleased to announce Salaad Nur joined the company as Senior Intacct Consultant.Nur joins Intacct practice

Nur specializes in identifying a company’s financial process needs, pains, and inefficiencies; and applying Intacct’s capabilities along with third party software to provide a cohesive solution tailored to the client’s requirements. Nur also has experience with Salesforce CRM software and integration with Intacct.
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Microsoft Dynamics GP ACA Compliance and Year End

Dynamics GP ACA ComplianceWith looming form mandates for 2015, many have questions regarding how Microsoft Dynamics GP ACA compliance will be achieved. Microsoft announced the next releases for GP 2013 and GP 2015 will include features that enable the generation of two Affordable Care Act mandated forms documenting the availability of health coverage to their employees: Form 1095-C and Form 1094-C. You can read more about this in the Microsoft Dynamics Community blog.

While the forms are still being tweaked and finalized, LBMC Technologies wants Dynamics GP users to know that tracking mechanisms need to be put in place now for the future forms which are required next year end 2015. That may seem like a long time away, but consider Dynamics GP will need to have identified eligible employees and be ready for tracking as of January 1, 2015. That’s soon! Really soon!
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5 Ways Your Outgrown Financial Software is Costing You Money

outgrown financial softwareby Salaad Nur

As a senior consultant for a provider of financial software and ERP solutions, I am often asked to look at a company’s financial process in order to determine the source of problems they are experiencing. Although the company may be observing what seems to be separate challenges, these often stem from one basic truth. Quite simply, the company is using an outgrown financial software.

These are generally young companies who are enjoying growth. However, we also see many companies who have been living with their “pains” for a very long time, perhaps even for years. In fact, during one of our recent seminars one attendee admitted his company outgrew its financial solution approximately 20 years ago.

To save you from suffering the same fate, I offer these five ways you are losing money by using an outgrown financial software. [Read more…]

Increase ROI Through Improved Productivity

Increase ROIThe right financial system provides companies with real-time financial and operational visibility into even the most complicated of accounts, comprehensive financial controls to ensure security and compliance, and extensive automation to streamlines business processes, reduce labor, and cut costs.

The right cloud-based financial system also provides anywhere, any time secure access to your financial data to allow for more diligent attention to processes and quicker response for issue resolution.

Read Intacct’s blog, “Discovering how improved productivity can increase ROI” to learn more about what the right financial system can do for you to increase your ROI. Then, contact LBMC Technologies for a more in-depth discussion about Intacct.

LBMC Technologies Announces New Web Site

new web siteLBMC Technologies is excited to announce the launch of its new web site.

We worked hard to communicate our depth of expertise and breadth of experience, construct an easy-to-navigate flow with a clean look, and offer useful resources. But most importantly, we wanted to explain in business terms (not techie terms) how our products and services solve business pains and achieve business gains.

“We wanted to take this opportunity to communicate our strong belief that solving business problems with technology requires a business conversation, first and foremost,” says LBMC Technologies President and Managing Partner Stacy Schuettler. “An effective technology company has to be able to understand a business owner’s or manager’s obstacles in order to assess the situation, and then make recommendations to help solve it. The tech talk can come later!”
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Hyland Announces OnBase 14!

OnBase 14Hyland Software just announced the release of OnBase 14. As an authorized provider of this dynamic and robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, LBMC Technologies is excited about what this means for our current and potential OnBase clients. Another annual release of software reinforces the commitment to making OnBase the most relevant ECM product on the market.

More than 4000 enhancements, with 1600 of these being customer-requested, make this version of OnBase the best ever.  There are significant enhancements to OnBase 14 for you, whatever your experience is:
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LBMC Technologies Named to Intacct President’s Club

Intacct President's ClubLBMC Technologies, a leading business software and technology consulting firm in Tennessee, was recently named to the Intacct President’s Club. The company was selected for outstanding sales achievement, development efforts, customer satisfaction, and investment in building a strong Intacct business practice.

“This has been another tremendous year for LBMC Technologies and we are very excited about their accomplishments,” says Taylor Macdonald, vice president of Channels for Intacct. “LBMC Technologies has done a terrific job in helping our joint customers accelerate growth and achieve incredible success. LBMC Technologies is committed to providing outstanding solutions and service to their clients and, as a result, is helping Intacct to stay a market leader in the cloud financial software space.”
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