Is it Time for a QuickBooks Breakup?

Breaking up on Valentine’s Day is hard to do. Everyone is talking about love and doing kissy-face, but you’ve found you’ve outgrown your relationship and it’s Quickbooksholding you back. You’ve known for a while it’s time to move on, and now you’ve reached the point at which the pain is just too great. You’re done.
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LBMC Technologies Earns Bob Scott’s VAR Stars 2014 Spot

Bob Scott’s VAR Stars 2014 AnnouncedBob Scott's VAR Stars 2014

LBMC Technologies is pleased to announce it has been selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars 2014, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of mid-market financial software.

Members of the VAR Stars were selected based on factors such as growth, industry leadership and recognition, and innovation. Selection is not based on revenue and those firms chosen represent a wide range of size and accounting software offerings.
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Workflow Management: The Hidden Gem of Enterprise Content Management

Jeff McCorpin: Workflow ManagementBy Jeff McCorpin

Sluggish processing, difficulty retrieving files, incomplete information, duplicate work: These are all productivity killers and customer service nightmares for a business just trying to stay competitive. And, yes, automating the management of these documents is tremendously valuable.

But while having a structured repository for your business documents increases productivity, the real opportunity for a business to excel is to drive operational efficiencies by swiftly moving information through your business process electronically. This allows for streamlining cumbersome, manual activities that are typically required but do not provide much added value to the organization or your customers considering the amount of time spent on them.

In the Enterprise Content Management world, this is called workflow. And what it comes down to is allowing high value workers to concentrate on high-value tasks.
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Improve Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, Power BI Combination

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, Power BIDynamics CRM Online, Office 365, Power BI a Winning Combination

With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI 1-2-3 punch you can zero in, win faster, and sell more.

This recipe drives sales productivity by making teams highly connected and collaborative so they can close more deals and accomplish this faster.

And now Microsoft is helping companies to increase team collaboration among their sales associates to drive more pipeline and close bigger deals with the winning combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI.
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LBMC Technologies Adds Jenny Monohan to Project Management Practice

Project Management Practice - MonohanLBMC Technologies, LLC, the Southeast’s leading full-service technology consulting firm and a member of the LBMC, PC Family of Companies, has added Jenny Monohan to its project management practice.

Jenny Monohan joined the firm as Manager of Project Management Services. Monohan’s past experience includes Senior Project Manager for Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) where she was responsible for leading the planning and execution of the enterprise consumer patient website.

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10 Steps for Designing a Solid Document Management Policy

document management policyElectronic files. Paper files. Files files files. Almost every company has its pack rats who keep every scrap of paper or electronic document that comes past them. On the flip side, other employees can’t wait to get rid of what they consider clutter in their filing cabinet or on their computers. What to do? [Read more…]

LBMC Technologies Adds Mike Sole

LBMC Technologies, LLC, the Southeast’s leading full-service technology firm and a member of the LBMC Family of Companies, announces the addition of Mike Sole to its sales and marketing department.  Sole joins the firm as Director of Sales.Mike Sole

Sole was previously with Trinisys, where he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. During his time there the company gained recognition by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing software companies nationally. [Read more…]

LBMC Technologies Adds Mark Nelson to Microsoft Dynamics GP Practice

LBMC Technologies, LLC, the Southeast’s leading full-service technology firm and a member of the LBMC, PC Family of Companies, has added Mark Nelson to its Microsoft Dynamics GP practice.Nelson joins Dynamics GP practice

Mark Nelson joined the firm as a Business Systems Consultant. Nelson’s past experience includes Microsoft Dynamics GP and IT systems analysis. He has worked in the manufacturing, defense, and technology industries. Prior to joining LBMC, Nelson served as Systems Integration Manager with Military System Group.
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Improve business success with increased technology adoption

By Jennifer Goodebusiness success

Often the biggest factor in the success of new technology in the workplace is not the technology itself, but its adoption among team members.

Most companies have at least some divergence among employees when it comes to adopting technology. Some can’t wait to get their hands on the latest applications, often viewing them not only as productive tools but also as extensions of themselves.

On the other side of the divide are those employees who aren’t so eager. They may be less skilled in or comfortable with technology, and in some cases they may even be intimidated by it. As a result, they tend to resist new software and electronic tools that threaten to disrupt their comfort zone. They may also be more inclined to want to know only the parts of an application that help them do their jobs and less inclined to venture beyond their initial training.

As a business owner, however, it’s in your best interest to try to bridge this technological divide so that all your associates become more efficient, thereby boosting your organization’s profits and value.

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