LBMC Technologies Adds Mark Nelson to Microsoft Dynamics GP Practice

LBMC Technologies, LLC, the Southeast’s leading full-service technology firm and a member of the LBMC, PC Family of Companies, has added Mark Nelson to its Microsoft Dynamics GP practice.Nelson joins Dynamics GP practice

Mark Nelson joined the firm as a Business Systems Consultant. Nelson’s past experience includes Microsoft Dynamics GP and IT systems analysis. He has worked in the manufacturing, defense, and technology industries. Prior to joining LBMC, Nelson served as Systems Integration Manager with Military System Group.
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Improve business success with increased technology adoption

By Jennifer Goodebusiness success

Often the biggest factor in the success of new technology in the workplace is not the technology itself, but its adoption among team members.

Most companies have at least some divergence among employees when it comes to adopting technology. Some can’t wait to get their hands on the latest applications, often viewing them not only as productive tools but also as extensions of themselves.

On the other side of the divide are those employees who aren’t so eager. They may be less skilled in or comfortable with technology, and in some cases they may even be intimidated by it. As a result, they tend to resist new software and electronic tools that threaten to disrupt their comfort zone. They may also be more inclined to want to know only the parts of an application that help them do their jobs and less inclined to venture beyond their initial training.

As a business owner, however, it’s in your best interest to try to bridge this technological divide so that all your associates become more efficient, thereby boosting your organization’s profits and value.

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Do you have year-end budget to spend? Take advantage of these Microsoft offers!

year-end budgetAs the year is coming to a close and you are determining how to leverage end-of-year budgets, we want to inform you of offers that Microsoft has available to make it easier for you to engage LBMC Technologies to assist in deployment.  If you are interested in having us provide an overview of Office 365 or CRM online, please Contact Us. We will be more than happy to help. If you have questions about any of these funding offers, please ask!

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Explosive Growth in Mid-Level Enterprise Encrypted Traffic Provides Vulnerabilities for Hackers

encrypted trafficNew data regarding network security shows a disturbing trend. Mid-size and distributed enterprises are struggling to effectively and affordably secure networks in the face of explosive growth in bandwidth rates, connection speeds and encrypted traffic. This provides vulnerabilities, which means hackers and others with malicious intent have a new playground.

In fact, according to a Gartner report entitled “Security Leaders Must Address Threats from Rising SSL Traffic,” encrypted traffic is expected to draw 50 percent of all malware by 2017, up from less than five percent todayi. [Read more…]

Reduce your Non-Taxed Transaction Audit Risk

Non-Taxed Transaction Audit RiskAre you one of the lucky companies who has tax exempt sales? Congratulations! Your tax obligations are substantially more complex than most. If an auditor came to your door, and you told him/her that you don’t charge sales tax, odds are that wouldn’t be the end of the conversation. Missing or incorrect exemption/reseller certificates are a major audit risk. In fact, one of the riskiest, and hardest parts of the entire transactional tax compliance process is the collection, maintenance and management of exemption certificates. [Read more…]

Choose the Best CRM Software for Your Organization

CRM SoftwareBy Kenneth Sims

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations are faced with the day-to-day realization that they must be “razor” focused on turning leads into customers and then keeping them happy and loyal over the lifetime of the business relationship. When it comes to turning leads into customers, there are five actions needed to make that happen: Sales and Marketing Process Alignment; Lead Definition; Defined lead qualification and lead conversion strategy; Defined processes to track, manage, and measure your lead and opportunity flow. Once a lead is turned into a customer, it is critical that the relationship is continually nurtured.

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Five Reasons to Move to Cloud Computing

cloud computingCloud computing is popular among businesses with good reason.

Putting your business’s IT in the cloud eliminates the costs and complexity of purchasing, configuring, and managing hardware and software. Cloud providers create and use applications that offer safe storage of your company’s critical data in secure data centers maintained by IT professionals.

These applications are available over the Internet, so that all you and your employees need is a workstation or mobile device, an Internet connection and passwords to access data. Everything else is configured and maintained by the host provider, saving your enterprise time and money.

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Salaad Nur joins LBMC Technologies’ Intacct Practice

LBMC Technologies, LLC, the Southeast’s leading full-service technology consulting firm, is pleased to announce Salaad Nur joined the company as Senior Intacct Consultant.Nur joins Intacct practice

Nur specializes in identifying a company’s financial process needs, pains, and inefficiencies; and applying Intacct’s capabilities along with third party software to provide a cohesive solution tailored to the client’s requirements. Nur also has experience with Salesforce CRM software and integration with Intacct.
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Microsoft Dynamics GP ACA Compliance and Year End

Dynamics GP ACA ComplianceWith looming form mandates for 2015, many have questions regarding how Microsoft Dynamics GP ACA compliance will be achieved. Microsoft announced the next releases for GP 2013 and GP 2015 will include features that enable the generation of two Affordable Care Act mandated forms documenting the availability of health coverage to their employees: Form 1095-C and Form 1094-C. You can read more about this in the Microsoft Dynamics Community blog.

While the forms are still being tweaked and finalized, LBMC Technologies wants Dynamics GP users to know that tracking mechanisms need to be put in place now for the future forms which are required next year end 2015. That may seem like a long time away, but consider Dynamics GP will need to have identified eligible employees and be ready for tracking as of January 1, 2015. That’s soon! Really soon!
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