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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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Increase effectiveness and reduce overhead with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the ability of businesses of all sizes to maximize technology. Solutions, security, and disaster recovery that were once out of small and medium-size businesses' (SMB) reach are now affordable and manageable. 

Cloud computing provides anywhere, anytime access to your data on any device. It also makes technology once out of SMB's reach affordable. This is how:

  1. Cost containment – Scalability without the financial commitments required for purchase and maintenance of expensive infrastructure.
  2. Immediacy – Provision and utilize a service more quickly.
  3. Availability – Cloud providers have the infrastructure and bandwidth to accommodate business requirements for high-speed access, storage and applications.
  4. Scalability – Increased flexibility and scalability to respond to evolving IT needs.
  5. Efficiency – Moving operational activities to the cloud offers businesses a unique opportunity to focus efforts on innovation, research and development. This allows for business and product growth, and may be even more beneficial than the financial advantages offered by the cloud.
  6. Resiliency – Cloud providers mirror solutions that can be utilized in a disaster scenario as well as for load-balancing traffic.

LBMC Technology Solutions provides cloud services including the following:

  • Strategy design
  • Consulting
  • Migration 
  • Implementation

We also offer as these cloud products:

Stay ahead of the competition and grow your business in the cloud. Let LBMC Technology Solutions show you how. Contact us today!