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Data Protection Services

Data Protection Services

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Safeguard Against Hackers, Viruses, Malware and Leaks.

Businesses need to know their technology infrastructure is secure, yet the demands of day-to-day business often prohibits companies from providing the most effective protection for their networks. Data Protection Services from LBMC offer you peace of mind and reduced risks.

MSS-168-Hour-Pullquote2.pngLBMC Information Security provides a highly effective layer of security protection from unauthorized access and sensitive information disclosure through intrusion prevention and detection services. Our managed network intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services (IDS/IPS) offer robust protection and around-the-clock monitoring that can be readily scaled to your organization's budget and evolving risk profile.


Managed IDS / IPS Monitoring Services include:

  • Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) – We identify hostile activity in real time and take immediate action to block and thwart undesirable network traffic.
  • Managed Intrusion Detection System (IDS) – Our team of security analysts provides 24X7 monitoring to immediately detect and report unauthorized access attempts and suspicious activities. But we don't stop there. Each alert includes a thorough analysis and specific steps you can take to eliminate the threat.
  • Managed Firewall – Creates a layer of protection for corporate networks from untrusted, hostile environments such as the internet. Our solution shields client networks from connections with business partners and remote offices, which also pose a risk to your organization.
  • Managed Vulnerability Scan – Conducts periodic network scans that provide clients with a detailed report of vulnerabilities with recommended configuration changes that will continually increase your level of protection.

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