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Portals and Collaboration

Portals and Collaboration

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Share business processes and information across your organization from a centralized site with portals and collaboration.

Portals and collaboration tools unify information, people, and systems within an organization's complex environment. Yet they allow you to retain control of access, security, and content. Tear down the silos of data that keep your company from communicating and securely conducting business over the Internet.

LBMC Technology Solutions helps organizations create web portals and collaboration tools that provide a unified view of the information and services you want to make available. Users can access and share information, find resources and other users, collaborate on projects, and initiate business or employee transactions.

LBMC Technology Solutions offers Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server for the following:

  • Internal collaboration websites,
  • Intranets,
  • Running public-facing websites

Contact us to find out how Portals and Collaboration services with SharePoint enable you to share your work, organize your projects and teams, and discover people and information.