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15 Thoughts you have before realizing you're living in Excel Hell



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As a small business owner, it can be overwhelming the number of positions you must fill, beginning the day you open your doors.  Welcome to your new role as Human resources, CFO, CEO, COO, and IT Director.  With so many responsibilities, a lot of owners turn to what they know and are comfortable with. Excel spreadsheets never failed you yet… And I’ve once heard that it’s Bill Gates favorite software.  Can’t be all bad then…right?


Every business has a tipping point, where current processes are just not enough.  Manual entry, human error, limited visibility of the financial health of your company is not ideal to running your organization.  These processes become so complex that errors are a guarantee. If you have ever had any of these thoughts while doing your books, you may be living in Excel Hell:

  1. So many invoices….I am so tired of entering these in manually.
  2. I’ll never get this done…I may need to hire temporary staff!
  3. Month end…UGHHHHH…
  4. I need to figure out how to get all this information in one place.
  5. Manually creating invoices are my favorite thing!
  6. Actually, no, it’s not.
  7. Print, fax, scan to customer. My carpet to the printer is starting to look threadbare from walking back and forth.
  8. REV REC!!!!!
  9. If this excel sheet ever crashed, I would lose my mind.
  10. Basically, life as I know it will end.
  11. Wait…did I save?
  12. No…wait…don’t do it!
  13. *Stares at blue screen of death*
  14. *Sigh.* I hope the auto-recover worked.
  15.  There has got to be a better way to do this.

The good news is, there IS a better way. 

Imagine a world where the entire process is automated. Visibility, consistency and alignment reign supreme across the sales and finance departments. A system that can even integrate into your CRM System.  Sounds like sorcery, right? It’s actually Sage Intacct. 

Here are a few key benefits that Sage Intacct can offer:

  • Scalability – ability to scale and grow with your company
  • Reduced manual entries – Stop patching core accounting limitations with time-consuming work-arounds
  • Stop buying add-ons – No longer augment key accounting capabilities. Intacct features native functionalities for revenue recognition, subscription billing, multi-currency and multi-entity, project accounting, services management and more
  • Flexible reporting – stop wasting time in excel trying to gain insight across silos of disjointed information

Ready to hear more? Contact LBMC Technology Solutions today to get more information on Sage Intacct and find out how it can transform your business.