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Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer Puts Network Threats to Rest


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About the company

Warren Evans is an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality bedroom furniture. The organization has successfully combined fast business growth with strong ethical practices. Named as a “best green company” four years running, the company has transformed itself from the early days when founder Warren Evans made handcrafted beds in his workshop, to a business with approximately 250 team members.

The challenge

Warren Evans has 14 offices and showrooms across London, with plans to open additional retail locations. Neil MacGregor, Warren Evans head of IT, faces the same challenges as IT decision-makers around the world; how to find technology that is sufficiently resilient, secure and scalable to support this increasingly distributed enterprise.

The tipping point for MacGregor came three years ago when Warren Evans experienced a concentrated period of rapid expansion that significantly increased its retail footprint. Its existing firewall infrastructure proved increasingly unreliable as the company put more and more demands on its network.

The solution

Neil’s answer has been WatchGuard firewalls, which have proven so successful that Warren Evans now has two WatchGuard Firebox M440 clusters, 12 T30-W appliances, and a fleet of wireless APs (access points) protecting a network of 20 Windows-based servers, 150 desktops and 60 iOS-based devices. 

“It’s common for a small company that goes through a period of rapid growth to outgrow its infrastructure, and we needed a much more stable and scalable solution to move forward,” Neil reflected. "We chose WatchGuard because it was the only product on the market able to deliver all of the features we required across all of our sites, without breaking the bank to do it.”

One of the key selling points, according to MacGregor, was WatchGuard’s best-of-breed, modular approach to the security services it employs. 

“When combined, they provide a wide range of powerful tools and technologies that would be prohibitively expensive if we were to subscribe to these individually outside of the UTM model,” says MacGregor.

The results

Warren Evans went from spending considerable time trouble-shooting network and VPN issues to experiencing such a notable increase in stability and security that MacGregor’s team was able to turn its time and attention to other areas to help with business growth.

“We are very happy with the equipment; it feels like a bullet-proof solution,” says MacGregor. “We have a lot of faith in it as a product and as a platform.” 

Warren Evans’ trust in WatchGuard has grown to the extent that Neil and his IT team renewed all their WatchGuard systems and subscriptions earlier this year. 

The company has also added WatchGuard Dimension to its product roster. This gives MacGregor an instant view of everything and everyone on their network, which has proven crucial in protecting the company against a relentless growth in cyber-attacks. 

“We have been able to make some great advancements on securing many of the services we supply to the business, from remote access methods, to protecting users from advanced persistent threats that manage to evade signature-based systems and many more. It was clear we needed to be taking a more proactive approach with monitoring our perimeter. With Dimension we could see a lot more information about how our network was behaving, which taught us a lot about how to defend it.”

LBMC Technology Solutions offers Watchguard products and services as part of our award-winning Network Engineering practice.

Contact us to learn more about Watchguard and to get help with selecting the right appliance for your business. 

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