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Content Services in a Nutshell



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Content services is a useful tool that has gone by many names, such as enterprise content management and document management. Now, the term content services are being used in the hopes to encompass the broad range of access, management and delivery of virtual content, when you need it, where you need it.

For organizations within the insurance, financial services, government and healthcare industries, this capability is very important because the “product” is digital and these companies collect, create, and use vast amounts of information. By relying on data, they are increasingly gaining advantage by leveraging unstructured data.

What are content services?

There has been much evolution of the ECM systems… what started as a document imaging and storage system evolved by adding workflows and integrated content and process management. Think in terms of electronic forms, audio and pictures, video recordings, and additional data collection as work processes move from step to step; storing critical e-mail communication from Outlook pertaining to the task at hand, and automated status updates to workers or customers warning them when something is falling behind schedule. 

Imagine the ability to harness these systems to make work assignments based on workload, monitor employee productivity and make adjustments as necessary. Imagine the improved customer experience by reducing your response times from days to minutes. Imagine doubling the size of your business without doubling the operational overhead. These are the kinds of wins our customers have experienced using these tools.

Aren’t Content Services and ECM the Same?

The short answer: yes and no. The mission of ECM has been to achieve a wide range of operational goals using one centralized platform. Content services, however, is a new approach to improving operational efficiency, and relies on multiple tools and strategies to accomplish the goal.  In short, the shift from ECM to Content Services indicates a conceptual shift from the management and storage of information, and focus more on how content is used by a company, to share, transform and leverage that content in processes to gain insight.

Automation by Workflows

Sluggish processing, difficulty retrieving files, incomplete information, duplicate work: These are all productivity killers and customer service nightmares for a business just trying to stay competitive. And, yes, automating the management of these documents is tremendously valuable.

But while having a structured repository for your business documents increases productivity, the real opportunity for a business to excel is to drive operational efficiencies by swiftly moving information through your business process electronically. This allows for streamlining cumbersome, manual activities that are typically required but do not provide much added value to the organization or your customers considering the amount of time spent on them.

In the Content Services world, this is called workflow. And what it comes down to is allowing high value workers to concentrate on high-value tasks.

For example, think about your hiring process. Having your candidates electronically fill out applications, those applications flowing through a structured review and rating process; and, if further information is requested, gathering supporting documentation (resume, W4, parental consent, driver’s license, background checks, etc.), all driven by a workflow engine that automatically moves to the next step once all required documentation has been received.

Think about having this kind of power spread across your accounting, legal, customer service and sales departments. Having all this information cross-referenced and at your fingertips at the click of a button, and all highly secured according to role, can leapfrog your business to the next level.

Workflow management automates business processes, matching work tasks with the workers best suited to them. Once they’re finished with their work, the task is automatically moved along to the person best suited for the next step.

LBMC Technology Solutions offers OnBase and Square 9 for content services. Our certified consultants recommend, implement, and support these systems to help organizations save time and increase efficiencies. Contact us to learn more.