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How Content Services can be used to increase customer retention



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As any business leader knows, customer retention is directly impacted by the quality of customer service. But providing exemplary customer service is not always easy, especially when it comes to disconnected systems. Content Services software, such as OnBase by Hyland or Square 9, can help you reconnect the dots within your organization, allowing you to focus on what’s important: the customer. Read on to find out how Content Services can increase customer retention.

Provides visibility into processes

Many organizations have limited visibility into client relationships, and often have their staff track activities in shared Excel spreadsheets. Content Services software can provide a consistent way of managing critical relationships with clients. Automating document processes instantly boosts productivity while ensuring your business maintains control over content and related actions. Furthermore, a complete audit trail of everything related to a document allows business owners to keep track of a document's lifecycle. You'll have instant access into who made changes and when.

Find what you’re looking for, when you need it most

Content Services systems can index documents automatically so that they can be instantly found. Now you aren't only improving productivity, but also customer service. With instant search functionality, employees can provide better service to customers by answering more questions live. Folder-based filing systems easily fall into chaos as multiple people utilize and shift the order of documents. Having a document management strategy in place will allow you to organize all your files - email, documents, electronic media, etc. - in a way that makes finding them simple and fast.

Systems that work - Anywhere

Advanced content services software offers mobile optimization, automatically tailoring desktop views of your document database for different devices from laptop to tablet and smartphone. Employees are granted with untethered access to their business documents and workflow functionality, no matter where they are. No snowstorm can stop your employees from getting their work done! Additionally, when users are on site with customers, documents pertaining to the client can be instantly accessed for improved consultations.

Increased Productivity

With Content Services, organizations can dramatically decrease the time for document retrieval, which in some cases, can take several days and staff to obtain.  With OnBase and Square 9, document retrieval is almost instantaneous. This allows your team to handle enquiries quicker, providing a higher level of customer service and happier customers.

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