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Intacct and ADP Partner to Streamline Back-Office Processes for Mid-Sized Companies


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Cloud ERP software maker Intacct partners with ADP to help mid-sized companies streamline their back-office processes.

These two companies integrate Intacct's cloud ERP software with ADP Workforce Now®, a comprehensive HCM suite built to reduce administrative chores and help keep companies compliant.

The integration between Intacct and ADP helps mid-sized companies reduce errors and eliminate redundant work. Companies are able to easily sync employee data and post payroll entries from ADP to their General Ledger within Intacct. Instead of typing payroll data twice, information can be securely uploaded into Intacct with a few clicks, dramatically reducing the chance for errors and saving significant time and effort.

System One, a leading provider of specialized workforce solutions and integrated services, has already benefited from an integration of Intacct and ADP. As a staffing company, System One must process payroll for approximately 6,500 employees each week and issue over 15,000 W-2 forms at the end of the year.

"We used to have to hand key all of our new-hire paperwork and payroll details into two systems, which was time consuming and introduced the potential for errors," said Tim Kelly, VP of Finance for System One. "By integrating Intacct and ADP, we have been able to streamline our back-office processes and avoid hiring additional staff as we've grown. This translates into about $60,000 in savings for us each year."

Scott Lumish, Intacct VP of Business Development, says today's tech-savvy finance executives are looking for new ways to leverage technology to boost staff productivity and give their company flexibility for the future.

"As a company grows, any areas of the business that lack automation become potential breaking points and can trigger a vicious cycle of inaccurate data, longer close processes, and slower decision-making,” says Lumish. “By integrating Intacct and ADP, we're helping our joint customers eliminate inefficiencies and drive increased automation into their back-office processes to facilitate growth."

Amit Jain, Division VP, Strategy & Business Development for ADP's Major Account Services business expands on this.

"When HR leaders spend hours a week rekeying data between multiple back office systems, employee engagement can take a back seat. This, in turn, can have a negative effect on both company culture and business growth," says Jain. "By streamlining all of their HCM applications with targeted integration, we're allowing companies to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with the people who will help their business grow and thrive."

As an Intacct Premier Partner and winner of the Momentum Partner of the Year Award, LBMC Technology Solutions helps companies save time and money with the use of technology.

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