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Looking to increase the pace of your business? Take a lesson from nature.



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By Matt Perkins, Manager – Network Engineering

In March of 2012 a study was published by The University of Chicago Press Journals comparing land speed among animals of varying sizes within the same species ( The study was led by Christofer J. Clemente of Harvard University. The Yellow-spotted monitor lizard is found in Australia and is one of northern Australia’s largest predators. It was chosen by Clemente and his team because adult monitor lizards vary greatly in size. The ones used in this study ranged from 2-12 pounds.

The fastest animals within the same species should be the ones with the longest stride. The longer the step, the faster the animal, but the study found something different. "Typically, bigger animals tend to run faster than smaller animals, because they have longer legs," said Clemente. "But this only works up to a point. The fastest land animal is neither the biggest nor the smallest, but something in between." Further analysis revealed why. "We then looked at how the mechanics of the stride changed with body size, and we found that the changes in the stride were consistent with the changes in speed," Clemente said. "Above a certain size, lizards were changing the way they ran, perhaps due to a decreased ability of the bones and muscles to support a larger body mass."

Why We Need to Move Fast

Today, business has never moved faster. We move digitally. We literally move at the speed of light. A handful of programmers with a great idea and a credit card can start a business and go global over a long weekend (with copious amounts of coffee). This works for startups because they have a narrow focus and intense energy around their product or service, but what about existing organizations? How can they take advantage of today's business climate to move faster than the competition? Clemente's study gives us a clue. Get to medium

Challenges for Small Businesses

Small businesses have resource constraints that keep them from getting to medium. Team members simply do not have the knowledge or the time to focus on a project over the course of several weeks. In order to get to medium, a small businesses can pull in an entire team of consultants to complete a project that would be otherwise impossible.

Challenges for Large Businesses

Large businesses may have the knowledge to complete a large project, but may lack focus. LBMC Technology Solutions can augment your team to provide Project Management services that focuses teams around a defined goal. Swarming is a popular strategy that is used in DevOps and Agile practices. Swarming focus everyone on a team, helps break through obstacles, and results in completed work. Swarming is necessary because team members have tasks and responsibilities that consume their day and keep them from working on the most important issues at the most critical times. When you hire consultants for a project, you are hiring a highly trained team of swarming professionals that will focus on that one project until it is complete.

Getting to Medium

Getting to medium is more about resources and focus than it is about size. Strategy and short term projects can be more important than the number of team members that can be dedicated to said project. Getting to medium should be temporary. It is a sprint not a marathon. You don't want to invest a lot of human capital into a short term project and you certainly don't want to exhaust your team. Your best way to get to medium is to partner with consultants who have proven, winning solutions in the marketplace. 

So, what should you do? You want to find something that would have a positive impact on your customers, be completed quickly, require very little maintenance, and differentiate you from your competition. Does your accounting system need a refresh? Is it easy to use? Does it give you relevant reports that help you better connect with your customers? How easy is it for your customers to do business with you? Would your customers benefit from a mobile application for their iPhone or Android? Are you leveraging the cloud for security and maximum up-time of internal and external facing applications? LBMC offers solutions in all of these areas.

Are you ready to get to medium? Contact us today to find out how LBMC Technology Solutions can take your business to the next level.

Looking to increase the pace of your business? Take a lesson from nature.