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Microsoft CRM vs. Salesforce



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The competition is steep in the CRM world, and Salesforce has led the pack for years. But the tides are beginning to change as Microsoft continues to fine-tune their offerings in the Sales Force Automation world. And it is paying off: they were named the leader in Sales Force Automation in the Forrester Wave Report (July 2017).

“Microsoft delivers on intelligent seller productivity” – Forrester 2017 Q2 report

Below are three reasons why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Beats Salesforce:

Reason #1: Costs

In terms of features versus cost, Salesforce is the most expensive SaaS CRM solution on the market. When looking at core offerings, Salesforce offers only sales force automation, while Microsoft offers a complete CRM solution that includes case management, marketing and customer service, along with sales force automation.

Reason #2: Salesforce is “linguistically challenged”

Salesforce uses it’s very own programming language, called Apex, which really limits customizations in terms of flexibility. Universal languages such as Java, .Net or HTML cannot be used to make customizations or app integrations.  Companies can easily become “stuck”, having invested so much time and money into proprietary code that switching would mean starting all over.

Microsoft uses common web languages, like Java, .Net and HTML, giving companies more freedom in creating solutions and integrations tailored to their specific needs.

Reason #3: Microsoft works the way your organization does

If your organization already employs Outlook, Office and Exchange, all of these technologies integrate seamlessly with Microsoft CRM. Microsoft has invested heavily in Machine Learning and AI…topping that off with Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, it is a marriage of endless sales opportunities. Imagine a life where you are alerted when a prospect posts on LinkedIn and be able to reach out to them directly through Dynamics 365.  Simply put, Microsoft is making it possible for sales reps to do more on the go.

Forrester concludes:

“Microsoft is a best fit for companies looking to capitalize on the productivity gains of their other Microsoft cloud investments”

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