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Microsoft Introduces New App Designer



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By: Jason Barnes, Manager, CRM Practice at LBMC Technology Solutions 

In its most recent release, Microsoft has introduced a whole new way to deploy Dynamics 365 (CRM). Typically, the implementation strategy for CRM solution design is to develop a single deployment of the application that meets the unique business process and operational requirements for every user, team and operations group in the entire organization. Now, with the most recent release, this strategy has become outdated and much more streamlined with the new Dynamics 365 (CRM) App Designer. 

With the App Designer, CRM consultants and administrators can now create “purpose-built” apps unique to each line of business, team or even a single user.  The App Designer allows administrators to take the core Dynamics 365 (CRM) components (Entities, Views, Forms, Charts, Dashboards, Process Flows etc.) and construct a custom app that can be deployed to a group of users based on their security role.

Create “purpose-built” Dynamics 365 (CRM) Apps:

  • Create a custom user interface for each team, department or line of business
  • Apps are simple and intuitive
  • Simplifies the work experience and more user-friendly
  • Promotes better user adoption
  • Great for limited access users

To provide an example, a company has a summer intern they would like to have enter new leads into their Dynamics 365 (CRM) database.  They want to minimize the ramp-up and training time to get the new intern up to speed with the system.  Instead of giving the intern access to the entire CRM system, within a matter of five minutes, a CRM administrator could create a new “Lead Entry” app that only gives the new intern access to simplified data entry form whereby he/she could enter new lead data.

Another example would be an organization with two very different lines of business, each with their own unique business processes.  When implementing Dynamics 365 (CRM), an administrator would design and configure a solution to address the business process requirements of each line of business.  However, instead of trying to combine that configuration in to a single Dynamics 365 (CRM) environment, the administrator would use the App Designer to build a custom app for each line of business.

The Dynamics 365 (CRM) App Designer is not available in earlier versions of Dynamics CRM. Contact us today to learn more about the App Designer or plan your next CRM upgrade.