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Why you Should Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Intacct Solutions


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Integrating the management of your ERP software with your CRM solution is always a good idea. Managing your company’s software in this way gives you a maximum return on your technology investment. It allows you to seamlessly manage the finance, inventory, and receivables from your ERP software side by side with the sales relationships, support, and upsells from your CRM solution. 

ERP and CRM integration solutions automate common business processes, increase data accuracy, and provide greater insight into your customer base. 

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Intacct users, IntegratorPlus is an integration solution that will connect the two systems and allow you to streamline processes, while increasing productivity by as much as 30%. 

Specifically, integrating Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do the following:

  • Eliminate the maintenance of redundant customer data, inventory, pricing, and sales order information in multiple systems or Excel spreadsheets
  • Make it easy for sales executives to verify pricing and submit sales orders while at their desks or on the road without leaving Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Orders they submit in CRM will automatically be created in Intacct
  • Automatically update Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the latest billing and payment information from Intacct
  • Save time and money by streamlining the processing, reporting, and transaction times for your finance and revenue teams
  • Dramatically improve collections and cash flow by providing your sales team with real-time financial information about customers from within Dynamics CRM

Integration gives your sales team access to the ERP application, meaning they are able to track their sales from prospect to opportunity to close to invoicing to paid. Since their commissions may very well depend on revenues, visibility into the entire sales/payment cycle alleviates frustration and assures accurate calculation of commissions.

IntegratorPlus integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Intacct. This subscription-based cloud solution is built on the Microsoft Azure Platform and allows users to harness the power of both their CRM and ERP investments. Critical data, such as customer, customer address, inventory, pricing, sales order, and sales invoice information, can be transferred so that updates in one system will instantly update the other.

Learn more about IntegratorPlus here or contact us to discuss your Dynamics CRM and Intacct integration needs. 

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