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Manage your expenses while improving service to your constituents.

The government sector faces unique challenges to ensure transparency while managing large, diverse volumes of content and balancing customer satisfaction. We know trying to manage all this at once can be time-consuming, costly and seemingly impossible.

Unlike private and public business organizations, the government sector is challenged by increasing turbulence and shrinking budgets. With help from LBMC Technology Solutions, your organization will be able to meet the rising demand for better government services, budgetary restraint and accountability while simultaneously being flexible and transparent.

Technology is at the core of addressing bottlenecks and being able to operate efficiently. LBMC Technology Solutions can get your organization up to date and running smoothly.  

LBMC Technology Solutions offers the following:

  • Enterprise Content Management and ERP Software: Support accurate fund and account management, actively monitor budgets and funding, streamline the flow of information, and track and monitor staff and constituent needs and requests

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Improve constituent communications and collaboration, coordinate critical tasks, and provide insightful information to the personnel that need it.

  • Scribe and IntegratorPlus for Data Integration between CRM and Other Systems: Integration is a key driver to CRM adoption in the public sector. LBMC Technology Solutions offers quality tools for your integration needs and the expertise to implement them.

  • Computer Networking: Easily integrate your business operations with Microsoft® Office system tools.

  • Software Development: Ensure security-enhanced and streamlined access to your data and processes (like self-service capabilities).