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Health Care

Health Care

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Technology solutions for the specific challenges facing health care companies of all types today.

Whether for a medical practice, an outsourced facility, your back office operations, or a department within a larger health care organization, our solutions can help you fight rapidly rising costs, expanding regulatory requirements, and the pressures to improve quality, safety and access by implementing the right technology.

One-third of our client base is in the health care industry. LBMC Technology Solutions understands that delivering high-quality care is your organization's number one priority, and reducing the cost of care has become your number one imperative.

Medical practices, outsourced health care facilities, back office operations, and departments within larger health care organizations can all benefit from the right technology. Thanks to our expertise in these disciplines, with LBMC Technology Solutions, it's all in the (doctor's) bag.

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LBMC Technology Solutions offers the following technology products and services for the health care industry:

  • ERP Software: The proper financial software enables health care companies to gain visibility into the health of the entire operation in order to make better and faster decisions, and automate key finance and accounting processes - including procure-to-pay and monthly close. Treat your health care company's complex financial management with robust general ledger and powerful reporting capabilities that integrate with the other systems you need to run your business. Multi-location organizations can monitor performance, centralize payables and eliminate manual processes for payments and inter-company accounting. Save time, improve accuracy, slash bad debts, and identify revenue and profit opportunities for your health care organization with the proper ERP software.
  • Enterprise Content Management: By improving the way people work, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps health care organizations improve patient care by connecting content across the organization. Because information resides outside core HIT applications throughout the health care organization, clinicians and staff rarely have all the information they need at the moment they need it. Enterprise Content Management for health care helps deliver the information you need when you need it. It helps control that information and makes it work for you.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Health care consumers are loyal to the providers who become involved in and are knowledgeable about their journey. Personalize your care with software tailored to your specific "customers:" patients and providers. Enable your organization to provide one-to-one communication externally, while making information from patients, plan administrators, and physicians more accessible internally.
  • Computer Networking: Medical practices in particular can benefit greatly from the cost savings and flexibility of cloud-based computing. Whether your practice opts for this or on-premises infrastructure, LBMC Technology Solutions can fulfill your needs. As your outsourced IT department, our expert Microsoft®-certified network engineers use proven methods and best practices to set your computer systems up correctly and keep them running. 
  • Remote Monitoring for your servers, PCs and network, which provides your practice with real-time information about the health of your IT systems (sorry, we couldn't resist the pun). The off-site monitoring services of our TechCare Remote-Managed Services ensure any potential network issues are identified and handled immediately, thereby reducing or even eliminating any interruption to your practice and your patients.
  • Custom Software Development for tailored tools to help with the way you do business in order to serve your patients, physicians, pharmacies and more. We combine user insights, health care experience and integrated agile design and development to create health care software applications that work the way your organization works.