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Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution

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Collaboration, Insight, Improved Processes.

LBMC Technology Solutions has the tools and experience to help you address the challenges of the manufacturing and distribution industries head-on. Our products and services provide the visibility into operations, customers, and suppliers you need in order to track products, lower inventory levels, and lower the cost of internal operations.

LBMC Technology Solutions will help your manufacturing or distribution company lower costs, increase your margins, and compete more effectively in today's challenging global market. And with our extensive network of seasoned partners, it's a promise upon which we can deliver.

LBMC Technology Solutions offers the following:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to streamline business processes from sales to warehouse to general ledger to suppliers. Drive down costs for distributing manufactured goods by integrating business and financial systems with the warehouse. Improve quality, reduce costs, and get your product to market faster with the proper financial software from LBMC Technology Solutions.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to reduce reliance on manual, paper-based processes, saving time and money. This allows employees to focus on more important tasks - like delivering excellent customer service and complying with evolving regulations. ECM speeds interdepartmental processing, improves decision-making and empowers departments and offices to share critical information.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to help you identify new business opportunities and ways to collaborate with suppliers and customers. Capture, monitor, and analyze information relating to customers and purchase histories to allow you to segment the market, refine your offerings, optimize production, and increase customer loyalty.

Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide insight and advice to give your organization the ability to identify and prioritize areas for improvement, both within your organization and across the global supply chain.