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Keep up with unprecedented change due to pressures from global competition, regulatory changes and today's economy.

Increased competition requires businesses to react quickly to trends while maintaining customer satisfaction. Today's economic environment demands that utility companies have proactive and creative strategies for maximizing revenue collections and minimizing debt.

LBMC Technology Solutions experience with technologies such as cloud computing, big data analytics, customer relationship management and mobility enables your utility business to keep up in this newly changed world.

LBMC Technology Solutions offers the following technology products and services for the utilities industry:

Cloud Computing Services: Mobility and anywhere, anytime access to and functionality with data means answering to customers' needs on the spot. LBMC Technology Solutions offers Cloud Computing products and services to allow personnel to answer customer needs in the field.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Effective CRM operations are a critical foundation to a utility company's customer acquisition and retention goals. LBMC Technology Solutions's expertise and business consulting insights help organizations successfully implement and adopt CRM technologies, ensuring improved customer relationships.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management: Utilities companies rely on hundreds of thousands or even millions of documents to meet their concerns and responsibility for the safety of their employees and the environment, efficient plant operations, and compliance with government regulations. LBMC Technology Solutions' Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management solutions allow you to turn those paper documents into a digital tool. Prefer to interact on-line? Our ECM and document management solutions also accommodate electronic applications processes.

However the information is entered into your system, our solutions automate the steps to achieve straight-through processing (STP). This insures information is captured, disseminated and used appropriately; and retained without the need for manual intervention. With ECM or Document Management, utilities and energy companies can decrease operating costs, significantly reduce the risk of human error, and speed up services.

Portals and Collaboration: Leverage web services with Microsoft SharePoint Server to allow employees to access corporate systems remotely and to provide customers real-time self-service capabilities to allow them to update information on-line, freeing up service personnel to perform other functions.

Custom Software Development to customize or build applications to fit your specific needs and integrate your software systems with each other.

Business Intelligence (BI) to assist the utility industry in implementing solutions to support automation processes, make better capital investment decisions, and empower customers to manage their energy habits. Business Intelligence empowers utilities to improve operations, customer satisfaction and decision-making processes. Improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and continuously optimize business decisions with LBMC Technology Solutions Business Intelligence services.