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Have you Outgrown QuickBooks?


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Are you frustrated with QuickBooks? Here are nine ways to know if you've outgrown the solution. 

Are you frustrated with QuickBooks? Here are nine ways to know if you’ve outgrown the solution:

  1. You’re spending hours and valuable staff time outside QuickBooks running and manipulating spreadsheets.
  2. You’re managing inefficient manual processes that reduce productivity and introduce errors or require additional staff.
  3. You’re lacking deep, timely information–including revenue or profit by product, by the customer, by project, by location, by a fund, or by any other critical business dimension–without manual workarounds or working outside QuickBooks.
  4. You have limited visibility into consolidated and operational details.
  5. You need to become fully GAAP-compliant or just need more control, segregation of duties, and audit ability.
  6. You need seamless integration with mission-critical apps you’re using every day to improve processes and reduce manual efforts.
  7. You’re having difficulty managing multi-entity and/or multi-currency issues.
  8. You’re missing real-time visibility into project costs, revenues, and profitability.
  9. You’re experiencing revenue leakage as a result of inefficient, manual revenue management processes.

If this is what you’re experiencing, contact LBMC Technology Solutions to learn how to move beyond QuickBooks. There is a solution, and we have it.