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Intacct Church Survey


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Technology is changing the way we all work, educate, travel, and play. From apps that manage our home security to apps for online giving at churches, technology is impacting what we do and how efficiently we do it. Churches have typically not been early technology adopters, but with the tremendous efficiency, automation and mobility needs of growing congregations, churches are leveraging technology to sustain growth and increase stewardship. A recent Intacct survey focused on how churches are utilizing technology. Over 1000 churches across the US responded, providing insights to how the 21st century church is engaging with technology.

Churchgoers have been shifting in recent years from small congregations to congregations that are midsize and larger as well. Megachurches, defined as those with weekly attendance greater than 2,000, have increased in number by 250% since 1997. For this survey, large churches are defined as >1000 weekly attendance and small-medium churches are defined as < 1000 weekly attendance.

Churches have a greater need for technology than ever before. They seek to reduce cost, improve efficiency, increase engagement with members and community, strengthen giving, and enhance stewardship – all great reasons to utilize the dynamic technology options available to churches today to help them maximize their mission and impact.